Montana Annual Report

Annual reports filed with the Secretary of State in Montana are official documents that provide a comprehensive overview of a business's financial performance and activities throughout the year. These reports are required by law and serve as a way for businesses to maintain transparency and compliance with state regulations.

There are 2 different ways to file an annual report in Montana depending on your legal entity type and tax classification. Follow the guide below to help you file your annual report with the Secretary of State in Montana or use Mosey to do it.

Use Mosey to automate annual reports in Montana.

Montana Business Registration Renewal for LLP

A limited liability partnership must be renew it's registration with the Montana Secretary of State to maintain good standing. The renewal is due every five years on the anniversary of your registration.

  1. File Annual Report

    Using the Secretary of State Business Search, find for your entity and log in to your account to file the registration renewal.

Montana Annual Report for C Corporation, LLC

If your business is registered to do business in Montana, you are required to file an annual report with the Secretary of State. You must file your first annual report between January 1 and April 15 of the calendar year following your registration.

  1. File Annual Report

    Log in to your ePass Montana account and select "File Annual Report." On the next screen, search for your business and select "File Annual Report" to file the annual report for your business.

What else do I need to know?

There may be additional things you will need to do to maintain your "good standing" in the state including having a registered agent and other kinds of taxes.

Maintaining a Registered Agent

Most states require that you have a registered agent that can receive important mail from the Secretary of State should they need to contact you. There are many commercial options available or you can use Mosey to be your registered agent and keep your information private in Montana.

Other Taxes

In addition to maintaining a registered agent, maintaining your good standing can include additional taxes. This can include franchise tax, sales tax, or other state taxes. You can use Mosey to identify these additional requirements to maintain good standing in Montana.

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