Texas Payroll Tax Registration

As an employer in Texas, it is important to understand the process of payroll tax registration. This involves registering with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to fulfill your tax obligations and ensure compliance with state regulations.

How Texas Payroll Registration Works

There is one payroll tax setup task you may need to complete in Texas to get your new hire on payroll for the first time. You can follow the guide below to help you get registered directly with the Texas agencies or use Mosey to do it.

Use Mosey to register for payroll tax in Texas.

Texas Unemployment Insurance Setup

If you have employees in Texas, you must register with the Texas Workforce Commission within 10 days of your first hire's start date. After registering, you will receive your Texas Workforce Commission Tax Account Number and Unemployment Insurance tax rate.

  1. Register Online for an Employer Tax Account with the Texas Workforce Commission

    Create a Texas Workforce Commission User ID and complete the online Unemployment Tax Registration to setup a new TWC Tax Account. You can also register by mail.

  2. Configure Payroll

    Your payroll provider typically handles remitting payroll taxes once you provide the account number and Unemployment Insurance tax rate.

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