Nevada Payroll Tax Registration

If you have recently hired an employee in Nevada, it is important to understand the process of payroll tax registration. This involves registering with the Nevada Department of Taxation to ensure compliance with state tax regulations and to fulfill your employer obligations.

How Nevada Payroll Registration Works

There are 2 payroll tax setup tasks you may need to complete in Nevada to get your new hire on payroll for the first time. You can follow the guide below to help you get registered directly with the Nevada agencies or use Mosey to do it.

Use Mosey to register for payroll tax in Nevada.

Nevada Unemployment Insurance Setup

Any employer that spends more than $225 on employee wages during any calendar quarter must register with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation and pay Unemployment Insurance tax, which is a portion of an employer’s total payroll taxes. Note: New employers pay the Unemployment Insurance tax at a rate of 2.95% of taxable wages until they are eligible for experience rating. An employer's experience rating is a tax ratio consisting of accumulated taxes paid, accumulated benefits charged to their account, and average taxable payroll for the prior three years.

  1. Register for Unemployment Insurance

    File the Nevada Business Registration Form online with the Nevada Employment Security Division. In most cases, you will immediately obtain your Nevada Unemployment Insurance Account Number, though occasionally an application may require manual review. If your application requires manual review, you will be notified by mail of the status of your application.

Nevada Modified Business Tax Setup

Every business must register with the Nevada Department of Employment, Training, and Rehabilitation and pay the Modified Business Tax (MBT). The MBT is applied to gross wages, with deductions for expenses related to employee health care benefits. Note: When you register with the Nevada Employment Security Division for Unemployment Compensation for your employees you'll also automatically register with the Department of Taxation for the MBT.

  1. Add Modified Business Tax Information to Your Payroll Provider

    You will receive your Modified Business Tax (MBT) account number from the Department of Taxation automatically after registering for Unemployment Insurance Tax. Configure your MBT account number with your payroll provider once you receive your tax information packet by mail.

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