Nebraska Payroll Tax Registration

As an employer in Nebraska, it is important to understand the process of payroll tax registration. This involves registering with the Nebraska Department of Revenue to fulfill your tax obligations and ensure compliance with state regulations.

How Nebraska Payroll Registration Works

There are 2 payroll tax setup tasks you may need to complete in Nebraska to get your new hire on payroll for the first time. You can follow the guide below to help you get registered directly with the Nebraska agencies or use Mosey to do it.

Use Mosey to register for payroll tax in Nebraska.

Nebraska Unemployment Insurance Setup

If you have employees in Nebraska, you are required to register with the Department of Labor for an Unemployment Insurance tax account.

  1. Register with NEworks

    Create an account on NEworks. Note that you will not have immediate access to most account features as information is reviewed prior to activating your account. This typically takes 24-48 business hours after submitting registration. Once this is completed you will receive an initial email granting full access. After a final review you will receive another notification with your official Employer Number and tax rate.

Nebraska Withholding Tax Setup

Businesses with employees in Nebraska must register for a withholding account with the Department of Labor prior to withholding state income tax. Note: When registering a new business, besides Income Tax Withholding, you can also register for Sales Tax and Business Income Tax at the same time. To add these accounts later will require filing a paper application (Form 20).

  1. Register for Withholding Tax

    Register online with NebFile for a Nebraska Withholding Tax ID Number and PIN. If you already registered your business with NebFile and did not add a business income tax account at that time, you must mail or fax the application (Form 20) to the Nebraska Department of Revenue. Make note of the ID and PIN shown on the final page, or mailed after a paper application (along with any other IDs and PINs if you added other account types).

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