Georgia Payroll Tax Registration

As an employer in Georgia, it is essential to understand and comply with the payroll tax registration process. This involves registering with the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) to ensure accurate reporting and payment of state income taxes, unemployment insurance, and other payroll-related taxes.

How Georgia Payroll Registration Works

There are 2 payroll tax setup tasks you may need to complete in Georgia to get your new hire on payroll for the first time. You can follow the guide below to help you get registered directly with the Georgia agencies or use Mosey to do it.

Use Mosey to register for payroll tax in Georgia.

Georgia Withholding Tax Setup

If you plan to hire employees in Georgia, you are required to register with the Georgia Department of Revenue for a withholding tax account.

  1. Register Withholding Tax Account Online

    Register online as a new business on the Department of Revenue Georgia Tax Center platform, then select "Withholding Tax" as the account type. Your account number is typically issued immediately upon registration. Note: If your business is already registered with the Department of Revenue for a different tax, log into your Georgia Tax Center account then go to "Register a New Tax Account" and select "Withholding Tax" as the account type.

  2. Create a Georgia Tax Center Username

    Use your withholding tax account number and FEIN to complete the online access setup and create a username for Georgia Tax Center (GTC). The first username created for you business will be the GTC admin for your business. Note: No action is needed if you already have a GTC username from prior business tax registrations.

Georgia Unemployment Insurance Setup

As an employer in Georgia, you are required to register with the Department of Labor for Unemployment Insurance tax if you are already liable for Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA). Note: If you apply before the date of the first hire in Georgia, you will be determined as not subject to Unemployment Insurance tax and not be issued an unemployment account.

  1. Apply Online for an Unemployment Insurance Tax Account

    Apply for an Unemployment Insurance tax account using the Department of Labor's online Employer Registration service. Account numbers are typically issued immediately upon registration.

  2. Create an Account for Employer Portal

    Use your unemployment insurance account number and FEIN to create a user account for the Employer Portal, allowing you to manage your Unemployment Insurance account, submit filings, and pay taxes. Note: The first user created for your business will be the Employer Portal "administrator" who can create and manage users. A business cannot have more than one "administrator" user.

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