All-in-one state and local compliance

Mosey unifies the many parts state and local compliance into one platform that scales with your business.

  • Physical mail and registered agent service

    Check the mail right from your browser. Better yet, get notified when there's an important letter from any state agency.

    Mosey makes sure the important stuff doesn't get stuck in a mailbox that no one remembers to check

    Mosey acts as your registered agent to receive mail sent by the Secretary of State—without the need for another provider.

    Filter out junk mail so you can focus on the mail the matters.

  • Securely manage tax accounts

    Use Mosey to securely store and share all of your account numbers and logins to tax accounts.

    Quickly log into any of your tax accounts using Mosey. No more hunting down the right login information or link.

    Store account numbers and tax details in once place to make it easier to look up when you need it.

    If someone leaves the company, your account access won't leave with them.

  • Import your existing setup

    You can use Mosey with any of your accounts by importing them directly in the app.

    Configure Mosey and organize your account information so you don’t lose track of it.

    Securely import your account logins to make it easy to share and unlock additional automation.

    Point mail from any existing accounts to Mosey to centralize all physical mail into one place.

  • Streamline being compliant

    Compliance coverage for all the obligations your business has when operating in multiple states.

    • Payroll compliance
    • HR compliance
    • Corporate compliance
    • Tax compliance
  • Reduce manual work

    Automate the most lengthy and tedious processes, and make sure all compliance information is in one place.

    • Monitoring and alerts
    • Automate registration
    • Automate annual reports
    • Automate posters and notices
    • Collaborate
  • Consolidate and unify

    Compliance coverage for all the obligations your business has when operating in multiple states.

    • Registered agent
    • Mail
    • Account information

Get compliant faster

Mosey makes state compliance easy for your team no matter where your business operates. Offload the work of figuring out compliance and save thousands of dollars per year.

50 states

Coverage across all US states and 100+ cities for payroll, HR, and tax.

90% saved

Eliminate manual work, expensive billable hours, and costly fines of non-compliance compared to alternatives.

1000+ rules

Identify and resolve over 1,000 state and local compliance requirements.

Building the compliance ecosystem.

Discover the platform partnering with Mosey to bring compliance to businesses everywhere.

  • Gusto is the people platform for HR, payroll, and benefits.

  • Stripe Atlas helps founders launch their startup from anywhere in the world.

  • Sequoia Consulting Group helps businesses manage benefits and compensation.

Powerful compliance engine

With Mosey, you get the most advanced system for monitoring, alerting, and tracking state compliance ever.

  • 01
    We know things

    Offload the work of figuring out how to get compliant and save hours of your team's time (and save thousands in fines).

    • Thousands of rules in all 50 states and cities
    • Always up-to-date with the latest changes
    • Instantly identify new requirements
  • 02
    The source of truth

    Keep track of your business setup and compliance in every location.

    • Generated compliance calendar so you don’t miss an important deadline
    • Coordinate tasks between multiple teams
    • Record your compliance in one place
  • 03
    Integrated with your payroll

    Connect your payroll provider to unlock enhanced compliance monitoring for HR and tax.

    • 100+ payroll service providers supported
    • Automatically detect new registrations
    • Detect new employee requirements

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