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ERISA Law and Requirements: An Employer’s Guide

When you’re responsible for your employees’ well-being in the form of their retirement plans and health benefits, that’s where ERISA comes in. ERISA, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, is a piece of federal law with a broad reach. It sets minimum standards and safeguards designed to protect employees in the private sector participating in employer-sponsored retirement plans and benefit plans (like healthcare coverage). If you’re a small business owner, HR professional, or startup founder, understanding ERISA law is essential to ensure you fulfill your duties while protecting the interests of your employees.

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Operating Agreement: What Is It & How To Draft One

If you’re about to start your small business, you probably have a long checklist of things to do. One of the most important parts of establishing your LLC is your operating agreement, which will act as the foundation for your business. You have a lot of things to consider and decisions to make before you finalize this agreement. Here’s what you need to know about drafting your first operating agreement and how Mosey can help you stay compliant.

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The Best CorpNet Alternatives for Business Compliance

Not only is staying compliant with business regulations not optional, but it’s also not a walk in the park. Rules change from state to state and sometimes even between cities or counties. Compliance can consume serious time and energy for businesses — especially those ready to grow across multiple locations. CorpNet is a well-established player in the business formation and compliance space. They handle the time-consuming tasks of registering your business, securing licenses, and staying on top of some of the regulatory paperwork.

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What Is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is designed to create equality for people with disabilities as they live and work in the world. The ADA requires businesses, employers, and public services to make simple modifications or adaptations that create a greater level of accessibility for people who are unable to complete tasks the same way that a non-disabled person would. Nearly 25 percent of the current workforce lives and works with some type of disability.

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FLSA Overtime Rules: What To Know

From payroll to employee rights, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) makes rules and laws for employers to follow. These rules are designed to protect employees by assuring workplaces are safe and workers are appropriately compensated in accordance with the law. FLSA overtime rules and labor laws dictate how employers should compensate eligible employees who work overtime hours. Let’s discuss overtime laws. What Is the Fair Labor Standards Act?

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Biennial Statement Explained: An Employer Guide

A biennial statement is a routine yet essential document relevant for businesses operating in multiple states. Compliance is essential when you have a remote or distributed team. If you have employees scattered across different states, each will have its own set of regulations. Staying updated means your company maintains good standing with the authorities, ensuring business can run as smoothly as possible, no matter where your employees decide to work from.

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What Is a Statutory Agent in Arizona and Do You Need One?

Your statutory agent is essentially your business’s official point of contact in Arizona — the designated person or company that accepts important legal documents on your behalf. This isn’t a choice — it’s a requirement. Arizona law mandates that all businesses operating within the state must have a statutory agent in place. Why? A statutory agent ensures that your business always has a reliable way to receive critical notices and legal documents, protecting you from potential setbacks and surprises.

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What Is COBRA Insurance? Compliance Explained

COBRA insurance is an important piece of the puzzle for employers and employees alike. At its core, COBRA is about continuity and security regarding health benefits. It’s a safety net, ensuring that life’s unexpected turns don’t leave you without essential health coverage. This conversation is important for business owners, HR professionals, and those managing the financial and people-oriented aspects of small to mid-sized businesses across the United States. Let’s discuss what COBRA insurance entails and why it matters to you.

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Which States Require Payout of Unused Vacation 2024

Paid time off (PTO) can be a huge perk for employees, and it may draw top talent to your company. Many employees are eager to utilize their paid time off for leisurely vacations or to help them get through a major life event, like moving into a new home. But what happens if they never utilize their paid vacation days? Here’s how Mosey can help you meet compliance requirements for unused vacation time.

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California Nonprofit Filing Requirements 2024

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in our communities. They provide essential services, advocate for important causes, and create positive social impact. If your organization is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit, you enjoy specific tax-exempt benefits granted by the federal government. These benefits are well worth protecting. Maintaining your nonprofit status requires staying organized and on top of important deadlines. The various filing requirements can feel overwhelming, and missing due dates can lead to penalties or even revocation of your tax-exempt status.

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