The Best Way To Do State Compliance for Gusto Customers

Kaitlin Edwards | Jun 5, 2024

The Best Way To Do State Compliance for Gusto Customers

Running a business across multiple states sounds like the recipe for success — more customers, a wider talent pool, and a chance to expand your footprint. If you’re reading this, you’re probably all too aware that lurking beneath the surface is a whole other challenge: State compliance.

From payroll taxes to employment laws and even local registration requirements, the rules you need to follow can change drastically depending on where your employees are located.

This is where Mosey comes in.

As a compliance platform designed specifically for multi-state businesses, Mosey helps you stay on track in every location where you operate — and it’s particularly powerful when used alongside Gusto’s payroll and HR tools.

We understand the challenges of juggling varying regulations as a Gusto customer, so we provide guidance and direction to simplify state compliance and achieve peace of mind.

Why Is State Compliance So Complex and Time-Consuming?

State compliance can certainly feel like a never-ending puzzle made up of pieces that never quite fit the way you expect. Each state (and even some counties or cities) sets its own standards.

For example, withholding tax rules in Oregon are different from those in California, and new employee hiring notices may be mandatory in New York but not in Pennsylvania. Then, add in the changing dynamics of labor laws, with states adopting regulations about minimum wage, paid sick leave, and employee protections at varying paces.

Staying compliant is important because the consequences of compliance missteps can be significant. Fines, penalties, and even business restrictions are a real risk if you don’t file the right paperwork, set up required accounts, or adhere to specific laws where you employ people.

Essentially, to be fully compliant, you either need to dedicate serious time and research or invest in external help. If you try to go it alone, expect to spend hours poring over state websites and trying to decipher legal jargon, all while worrying that you’ve missed something critical.

Compliance isn’t static. These rules are constantly in flux, and keeping up is a never-ending task. It pulls you and your team away from the core of your business and creates a constant drain on both time and resources. So, what’s the answer here? Let’s explore.

What Are Common Ways Businesses Approach State Compliance?

When faced with the challenges of state compliance, there are a few paths businesses typically take. Each comes with its own set of challenges:

1. In-House Compliance Management

Larger businesses may choose to build their own compliance team. This offers control, but it’s a significant investment. Hiring specialized personnel, training them, and keeping them up-to-date on every state’s regulations is incredibly time-consuming and expensive.

On top of that, even the most dedicated team might have knowledge gaps, especially when it comes to the finer details of local regulations or niche industries.

Outsourcing compliance to lawyers or specialized firms seems like a safe bet. They have the expertise, but they don’t come cheap. Expect hefty hourly fees and a reactive approach, where you’re only alerted to issues once they arise. This can still leave you vulnerable, and the costs can quickly spiral out of control.

3. Point Solutions and DIY Approaches

In an attempt to save money, many businesses turn to a patchwork of spreadsheets, online tools, and their own attempts to research compliance.

While well-intentioned, this creates two major problems:

  1. Most point solutions address single aspects of compliance, leaving gaps and forcing you to string together multiple sources.

  2. Relying on your own research means you could have outdated or incorrect information. This DIY approach is risky, leaving you exposed to potential non-compliance issues.

Across all of these common approaches, there’s a recurring theme: They’re either costly, time-intensive, or prone to error. More importantly, they often leave you scrambling to keep up rather than feeling confident that you’re truly compliant across every state where you’re doing business.

This is where Mosey can completely reshape how you approach the task of state compliance, especially if you’re already a Gusto user.

What Is Mosey?

Mosey understands the specific challenges Gusto users face when it comes to marrying payroll with the rest of the compliance landscape. That’s why we’ve partnered with Gusto to offer a streamlined way to handle state compliance. Think of us as the missing piece that slots seamlessly alongside Gusto’s payroll and HR solutions.

So, what exactly does Mosey do? Here’s a breakdown of the key features designed to make your life easier:

Compliance Monitoring by State

Instead of trying to remember which rules apply where, Mosey keeps track of everything for you. Based on your employees’ locations, Mosey provides a clear overview of registration, tax obligations, HR requirements, and any other unique rules dictated by each state.

Guided Setup and Onboarding

We know compliance can be overwhelming, especially when you’re getting started in new states. Mosey guides you through those initial steps, identifying exactly what you need to do to get up and running in full compliance.

Automation for Specific Tasks

Wherever possible, Mosey automates mundane compliance tasks. For example, if you need to open a new tax account, the relevant form can be automatically filled with information Mosey already knows. This saves you time and reduces the potential for errors.

Alerts, Updates, and Resources

Compliance isn’t a one-time thing. Mosey constantly monitors for any changes in regulations that affect your business. You’ll receive timely alerts and updates, along with access to informative resources that help you understand these changes and what they mean for your operations.

The bottom line is that Mosey takes the guesswork out of state compliance. Instead of endless research and uncertainty, you get a proactive system that works alongside your existing Gusto setup.

As a Gusto customer, this integration creates a powerful and effortless way to ensure you’re always operating within the rules wherever your business takes you.

What Are the Benefits of Using Mosey for State Compliance?

By now, you’re probably wondering about the results Mosey brings. Beyond making compliance easier, it also delivers advantages that directly impact your bottom line and your team’s well-being:

Cost Savings

Compared to building an in-house compliance team or relying on expensive legal services, Mosey offers significant cost savings. Think of it as a fraction of the cost while providing the same level of expertise and proactive support.

Time Savings

With Mosey’s automation features, you’ll reclaim countless hours that would otherwise be lost to filing paperwork, researching requirements, and chasing down information. This frees up your team to focus on core business activities that drive growth.

Peace of Mind

Proactive monitoring and timely alerts mean you can stop worrying about compliance surprises.

Mosey is constantly watching out for potential issues and upcoming changes, allowing you to address them before they become problems. It’s like having a dedicated compliance expert guarding your business.

Centralized Platform

Tired of chasing down compliance information from different sources? Mosey gathers everything in a single, organized space. Say goodbye to scattered documents and hello to streamlined control over your compliance.

The Easy Way To Achieve State Compliance

State compliance can drain your focus and resources. With Mosey, the process becomes simplified and streamlined. It’s the ideal solution, especially for Gusto customers who want proactive compliance management integrated right into their existing workflow.

Stop wasting time and energy on compliance, and let Mosey handle it for you. Book a demo today to experience the difference and see how easy it can be to ensure your business is always operating within the rules wherever you grow.

Discover the power of automated state compliance and free yourself to focus on what matters most — building a thriving business.

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