Compliance Automation: How It Works & Its Value

Gabrielle Sinacola | Nov 19, 2023

Compliance Automation: How It Works & Its Value

Compliance automation has proven to be a valuable tool across all businesses. Automating workflows has become crucial in growing companies — it clears employees’ time to focus on essential tasks that need a human touch.

Let’s dive into what compliance automation is, its significance, and the substantial advantages it brings to businesses.

What Is Compliance Automation?

In simple terms, compliance automation uses software to keep a steady eye on your business, making sure everything lines up with the rules in each jurisdiction. It can transform tedious manual processes into a streamlined, centralized hub of compliance management.

Compliance automation serves a dual purpose in the modern business landscape. First, it consistently ensures you’re on the right side of regulations. Secondly, it serves as a guide to all industry regulations you, as a business owner, must be aware of to stay compliant.

Why Is Compliance Important?

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, compliance isn’t just a formality. It forms the foundation of your operations, defining how you engage with the market, the law, and your employees.

Mismanaging compliance can be costly, leading to fines or damage to your brand reputation. Rules like HIPPA and FERPA are a glimpse into regulations businesses must navigate, serving as an example of the guidelines companies need to keep on their radar.

The task of maintaining compliance, with its many details and constant updates, can be daunting — but with compliance automation, this challenge transforms into a strategic advantage.

It all comes down to one pivotal choice for businesses: To be proactive or reactive when it comes to compliance. It’s important to know which is right for your business and how to employ it for optimal performance.

A reactive approach to compliance can be risky. By utilizing automation software and using a proactive approach, businesses can confidently stay one step ahead. Ensuring that your business is compliant from the beginning can mitigate any issues that may arise down the line.

Adopting compliance automation goes beyond mere legal adherence. It’s about cultivating an organization that prides itself on excellence, responsibility, and forward-thinking. It’s a commitment to move confidently, earning stakeholder trust and ensuring your business operates seamlessly and efficiently.

How Does Compliance Automation Work?

Navigating compliance complexities is streamlined by compliance automation. These automations excel in categorizing different data types and safeguarding them as per applicable laws.

For instance, patient information requires specific protective measures under HIPAA regulations. An automation tool can proficiently identify relevant data categories and apply necessary safeguards to ensure legal adherence.

Beyond categorization, good compliance automation monitors, controls, and analyzes data throughout its lifecycle. It’s capable of detecting anomalies, like significant spikes or drops in financial data, prompting detailed analysis. This type of insight ensures your business doesn’t overlook any aspect of compliance.

One of the most compelling aspects of compliance automation is its proactive nature. Upon detecting potential compliance issues, it generates alerts, notifying relevant stakeholders. This timely communication enables quick action, mitigating risks and maintaining compliance integrity.

Compliance automation is an essential tool for businesses navigating the regulatory landscape, turning challenges into manageable processes while guiding organizations toward operational excellence and integrity.

Where Can You Use Automation?

Automation streamlines various aspects of compliance management. To keep your business as efficient as possible, integrating automation becomes increasingly important.

Here’s a look at some areas where automation can be effectively utilized:

Document Preparation

Generating necessary compliance documents can be automated to save time and ensure accuracy. If your business is in need, Mosey assists in preparing and managing documents related to state compliance, employer registration, and tax accounts.

Payroll Tax and Tax Account Registration

With Mosey, payroll tax registration is made easy. Mosey allows you to automate registering for tax accounts when and as you need them, making it easy to set up new hires in different states.

Annual Report Filings

Mosey allows you to track annual report schedules and even automate filing your annual reports in supported states. Plus, you can stay up to date on recurring annual report deadlines and get notified when key tasks are pending your completion.

Secretary of State Registration

Mosey can act as your registered agent and receive mail sent by the Secretary of State. In other words, with Mosey, there’s no need to find and set up your own registered agent through another provider. You can also automate obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing or filing foreign qualification forms.

Mail and Managing Account Notifications

Mosey keeps you in the loop on your mail — meaning you’ll know when there’s important mail waiting for you, instead of worrying about sifting through an email inbox you rarely check. You can receive mail directly into your Mosey app and get notified when there are important letters waiting for you from state agencies.

Reconciling Requirements

Automation can help you make sure you’re meeting any requirements and ensuring transactions are properly accounted for. Systems like Mosey focus on integration with payroll systems, which can help you reconcile requirements relating to employees — like new hires or new states or payroll accounts needed.

Operations Procedures

Streamlining operations procedures through automation ensures consistency and adherence to compliance standards. These tools focus on compliance management across different states, ensuring operations procedures align with current regulations. With Mosey, you can more easily share responsibilities across teams, like your Accounting, HR, Finance, and Legal teams. Each team can have their own login for ideal visibility and collaboration.

Risk Assessments

Automation enhances the risk assessment process, ensuring all potential risks are identified and addressed. Risk assessment is essential in keeping your business operating smoothly with minimal disruption to your standard operations.

Audit Management

Automated tools aid in managing audits, ensuring that all necessary documentation is in place and that audits are conducted smoothly. With Mosey, businesses can stay audit-ready, with all compliance documentation and requirements centralized and accessible.

Incorporating automation in these areas not only streamlines the compliance management process but also ensures accuracy, consistency, and readiness for audits. Mosey’s comprehensive platform seamlessly integrates into these domains, providing a solution for state and local compliance management across the United States to help you automate compliance tasks for your business.

Track Upcoming Legislation

Automated tools like Mosey can even notify you of new legislation that is coming into effect and will impact your business. This way, you can stay up to date and ensure that your business remains compliant, even as regulations shift.

Why Is Compliance Automation Valuable to Your Business?

It’s become increasingly evident that adopting a compliance automation platform is not just beneficial but essential for businesses. This is especially true in the B2B SaaS domain, where 85% of companies have deployed or planned to deploy such tools by 2025.

Here’s why this innovation is invaluable:

Removes the Guesswork

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to business compliance is that you may not always know what you need — using a software that organizes that for you can give you a major advantage. Mosey keeps all of your compliance needs organized on one platform so you’re never left guessing what you need to do next.

Protects Sensitive Information

Compliance automation ensures that sensitive data is safeguarded, adhering to the latest security standards and regulations. This level of detail not only secures confidential information but also builds trust with your clients and stakeholders.

Keeps You Up to Date With Changing Regulations

With regulations constantly evolving, compliance automation tools keep your business up to date, adapting to changes swiftly and ensuring you’re always compliant, saving you from potential legal ramifications.

Saves Time and Money

Manual compliance processes are becoming unsustainable due to the increasing complexity and volume of regulations. Automation cuts costs significantly, helps reduce the risk of human error, and saves hundreds of hours that can be better invested elsewhere.

Simplifies HR Audits

Automation streamlines the audit process, ensuring all required documents and data are easily accessible and in order. This readiness not only simplifies HR audits but also significantly reduces the stress and workload associated with them.

Drives Data-Based Decisions

When you automate compliance, you’re establishing your decision-making in a data-centric approach. Essentially, every choice is based on current and precise information, setting the stage for improved business results.

Reduces the Risk of Fines

Non-compliance can result in hefty fines and reputational damage. Automation drastically reduces this risk, ensuring that all compliance requirements are met in a timely and accurate fashion.

Strengthens HR Workflows

With compliance automation, HR workflows are significantly strengthened and streamlined, resulting in a more efficient, productive department that can focus on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

By embracing compliance automation and choosing the right solution to address all your compliance needs, your business gains a competitive advantage through reduced costs, less admin-intensive workloads, improved audit readiness, and massive time savings.

Manual compliance is phasing out — the organizations that adopt automation will find themselves seamlessly navigating the complexities of modern business regulations.

Implementing Compliance Automation Software

In today’s ever-evolving regulatory environment, staying compliant is more challenging and crucial than ever. If you question whether your business could benefit from compliance automation software, the answer is likely a resounding yes.

When choosing a solution that’s robust, user-friendly, and comprehensive, Mosey stands out as a preferred choice. Your business can save valuable time, cut down on costs, and eliminate the need for expensive legal and accounting fees.

With Mosey, staying up-to-date with ever-changing regulations is a breeze, empowering you to focus on what matters most — growing your business. Make the smart choice and choose Mosey for all your compliance needs. Ready to get started? Sign up for Mosey today.

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