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One Platform for State Compliance

The rules of compliance are different in every location and constantly changing. Rather than figure it out on your own, you can use Mosey to stay compliant in all 50 states with one, easy to use, platform.

Everything you need

Discover how Mosey makes state compliance easy for you and your team.

  • Consolidate and save
    • Consolidate and save
      Consolidate and save

      Compliance hits multiple budgets. Mosey’s platform covers compliance needs across payroll, HR, Secretary of State, and tax.

    • Eliminate manual work
      Eliminate manual work

      Save your team’s time and avoid distractions by building your state compliance program using technology and automation, not people.

    • Avoid penalties and fines
      Avoid penalties and fines

      The most expensive thing to do is nothing. Use Mosey to identify compliance requirements and resolve them using our built-in expertise and automation.

  • Automate payroll registration
    • Automate payroll registration
      Automate payroll registration

      Open withholding tax, unemployment insurance, and paid family medical leave accounts with a couple of clicks. Never deal directly with a state agency again.

    • Identify compliance rules
      Identify compliance rules

      It’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of the state and local HR compliance rules. Get alerts when you need to take action and track upcoming legislation to plan ahead.

    • Don’t miss an important letter
      Don’t miss an important letter

      Digitize all your state agency notices using the Mosey mailroom. Get an email alert as soon as mail is received, read it in your browser, and ensure it’s resolved quickly.

  • Offload compliance work
    • Offload compliance work
      Offload compliance work

      Free up your time by using Mosey to enable someone else on your team to manage compliance.

    • Minimum viable compliance
      Minimum viable compliance

      Avoid fines while keeping compliance work to a minimum with Mosey’s modular platform.

    • Hire the founding team
      Hire the founding team

      Open payroll tax accounts to get the founding team on payroll in any state. Avoid the hassle of navigating archaic state agency websites and use Mosey.

  • Secretary of State compliance
    • Secretary of State compliance
      Secretary of State compliance

      Use Mosey to automate foreign qualification, registered agent, and annual reporting. Identify additional corporate taxes to keep your team informed.

    • Modern registered agent
      Modern registered agent

      Receive registered agent mail and read mail directly in the browser. Even better, use Mosey to receive timely alerts and never miss a filing.

    • Monitor compliance risk
      Monitor compliance risk

      Get a complete picture of employment and tax compliance across states and localities. Keep track of upcoming legislation that could impact the business.

Ready to Transform Your State Compliance Program?

Learn how to do state and local compliance the easy way by using the Mosey compliance platform.

Get compliant faster

Mosey makes state compliance easy for your team no matter where your business operates. Offload the work of figuring out compliance and save thousands of dollars per year.

50 states

Coverage across all US states and 100+ cities for payroll, HR, and tax.

90% saved

Eliminate manual work, expensive billable hours, and costly fines of non-compliance compared to alternatives.

1000+ rules

Identify and resolve over 1,000 state and local compliance requirements.

How to get compliant with Mosey

1. Setup like a walk in the park

Get guided through each area of state compliance and identify any gaps.

2. Automate it away

Use Mosey to register, embed notices, receive mail, and calculate your due dates.

3. Monitor like a pro

Receive alerts when it’s time to take action on changes to your compliance.

Peace of mind

Avoid costly compliance mistakes with Mosey. Guided by experts, our user-friendly platform ensures a solid foundation and offers human-backed support.

Get it right from the beginning

The most expensive way of staying compliant is to clean it up later. Mosey makes it easy to get started on strong foundations to avoid headaches later.

Guidance every step of the way

Mosey was designed from the ground up to be used by folks who aren’t experts in compliance. Get helpful information sourced by experts to make getting compliant easy.

Software with a human touch

Every filing and registration is carefully reviewed by Mosey before it is submitted to the state. We work with you to resolve issues and keep it moving.

Surprisingly helpful support when you need it

Our team of experts is an email away when you have a question. This isn’t any old support—try us.

Here’s what folks are saying about Mosey.

Before choosing Mosey, we were considering a $200k+ contract with a professional services organization to do the same work for us.

Going with Mosey is saving us big time!

Tom Bierman

Tom Bierman

Sr. Director, Financial Operations

The platform is easy to use and really takes the guesswork out of compliance.

We set up all accounts needed for state payroll taxes with just a couple clicks. And whenever we had any questions, the support team was extremely responsive and solved the issue in one shot. If you are a founder and want time back without losing peace of mind, Mosey is for you!

Jonas Harnau

Jonas Harnau

Co-Founder & CEO

Mosey has been absolutely transformative for improving our internal compliance processes and organization.

The people at Mosey take the pain out of an otherwise torturous process.

Danny Dover

Danny Dover

Chief Operating Officer

Growing a startup and managing compliance in multiple jurisdictions is a complicated, time-consuming, and full of expensive pitfalls.

The time to start isn’t when a startup is already in hyper growth mode. Mosey makes it easy from day one, which is key when trying to build a distributed team.

Jaques LeHot

Jaques LeHot

General Counsel

Mosey on down to the corner of Impressed and Flabbergasted!

Those were my first thoughts when starting to use Mosey; they deliver what marketing promises.

Ray Johansen

Ray Johansen

President and CEO

It's a big headache to manage compliance everywhere we have employees.

Keeping track of requirements and coordinating who needs to do what was all manual. Mosey helps us bring the back-office together so we're on the same page across HR ops, legal, and tax.

Kenny Mendes

Kenny Mendes

Head of Finance, People, & Operations


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Select the right plan for your business

Choose the plan that best fits your multi-state compliance needs. From hiring the founding team to running a complex enterprise, Mosey has you covered.

1 - 24 employees Start Up Plan


$6 per employee / month Monthly Platform Fee Choose plan
25 -300 employees Scale Up Plan


$8 per employee / month Monthly Platform Fee Choose plan
1000+ employees Enterprise Plan


$12 per employee / month Monthly Platform Fee Contact us
Withholding registration
Unemployment registration
Paid family & medical leave registration
Workers' compensation registration
Local payroll taxes
Alerts for new compliance tasks
Weekly compliance summary
Alerts when employees trigger new requirements
Local business tax monitoring
Alerts for new legislation and compliance requirements
Always up-to-date compliance calendar
Automate labor law notices and posters
Franchise tax



All states

Annual report



All states*

Registered agent



All states

Manage compliance for your parent company and subsidiaries
Roll-up requirements across entities
Mailroom for receiving mail from any state agency
Read your physical mail in the app
Assign and resolve letters and notices
Automate foreign qualification
Registered agent service in all 50 states + DC
Track annual reporting schedules, estimated taxes, and franchise taxes
Payroll (80+ providers)




Securely store and share state agency logins
Assign and delegate tasks to your team
Manage external vendors and providers in one place
Role-based permissions for each user
Single sign on support with your identity provider
Audit logging
Personalized roadmap for onboarding
Dedicated account manager
Priority email support
Quarterly check-ins with our customer success team

*Where the annual report is not required to be submitted by a CPA

All the information you require

Mosey covers all 50 states, DC, and 100+ cities.

Instead of receiving snail mail at your home or business location, you can receive mail virtually in your Mosey app. If you already have state accounts open, you can update those to start receiving your state mail in Mosey. When Mosey automates new accounts for you, we'll list your Mosey mailroom address. Additionally, you can make Mosey your Registered Agent for both existing registrations with the Secretary of State, or when automating foreign qualification in Mosey. You'll receive a notification whenever a new piece of mail is scanned and delivered to your mailroom. All mail can be downloaded as a PDF, or assigned to a member of your team. Most importantly, it is all kept securely in one spot so you'll never miss a notice.

You can import information for states you’ve already registered in, and Mosey will monitor new and recurring requirements for your business in those locations — and add more as you grow. But compliance is ongoing. As your business changes, you will hit new thresholds for state and local requirements (i.e., once you have five employees in Illinois, you are required to offer an employer-sponsored retirement plan). There are also new requirements being established constantly by these agencies (i.e., salary transparency on job postings in many states began in 2023). Using Mosey you can stay in compliance as your business grows and as state and local requirements change.

We integrate with all major payroll providers (80+ and counting).

Mosey offers different onboarding options for different plans. Self-serve takes minutes. More complicated businesses work with our customer success team to rapidly consolidate their systems and set up Mosey in a couple weeks.

Ready to get started?

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